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Planning the Perfect Orangery.

*This is collaborative post.

With house prices being what they are, more and more people are choosing to stay where they are, rather than move. It can mean that they extend their current home to make it larger, meaning they won’t need to move, or make changes to their home in other ways. Conservatories have always been popular as they create an additional space, as well as generate heat for the home, and importantly, add value. But a more modern take on a conservatory is to have an orangery. 

A bit of of an extension, with less glass, and more brick, it can be a good way to add value and improve your home. They will more than make your money back, with reports saying they add around 15% in value, as well as being the thing that could make your home more saleable. But what are the best ways to design it? Here are some things to think about if you’re looking into staying put, rather than moving anytime soon. They’ll help you to get the design on point, as well as making the most use of the space.


See The Big Picture

For an orangery to really stand out and have that ‘wow’ factor, you need to plan the design around the use of the room. Are you building it so that you have got a proper dining room? Or will it be a playroom or second living space? When you know what the use will be, even if it will be multi-purpose, it means that you can design the space with that in mind. If you need space on the wall for a TV and getting aerial services to install an aerial, for example, you can make sure that you use one less window to leave room for the TV. Small things but need to be decided sooner rather than later.

You also need to think about how it is going to connect to the room that it is next to. A conservatory has to have a door through to it from the room it is attached to. An orangery doesn’t, however, it will need to be decided before planning goes through what you are having. Will you have an open archway, new doors, or make the space one large room? This needs to be decided fairly early on.


The majority of us are going to have a specific budget to work with when we extend our home. You can still get an orangery built with smaller budgets, but you’ll need to prioritise what is most important. Is it vital that you have large bi-fold doors as part of the orangery, or will it be more important for you to have underfloor heating or some good wooden flooring in there? Set your budget, then work around it. It is possible.

Maximise Value

There is no denying that adding an orangery is going to add value to your home. But you can maximise how much value, by looking at its use. Kitchens are one of the biggest things when it comes to buying homes. So can you make the kitchen part of the orangery, with an add-on dining space or living space? This could be the factor that makes someone pay more.


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