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How to Manage Your First Holiday With the Kids!

George and Molly on a sandy beach.
*This is a collaborative post.

Summer is just around the corner, and it gets me feeling all warm inside. As much as I love to be spontaneous, sometimes we all need a bit of careful planning to see us through to the other side. Especially when it comes to packing the kids up and jetting off on holiday. So what are some of my best tips for making it as stress-free as possible? Sit back as it’s about time to find out. 

How to Manage Your First Holiday With the Kids...

Get active 

One way to make sure you (and the kids) enjoy your holiday is to pack it full of adventures. If everyone loves the water, then a canoeing adventure is just one of the many activities you can head out and explore. There are so many canoeing locations all across the country that mean we don’t even have to jet abroad to enjoy the water. We are spoilt for choice!  

From the Lake District all the way down to the Cornish coast - who knew there were so many canoeing hotspots? If this isn’t your thing, there are also options for many more outdoor sports dotted all throughout the UK. 


Plan food and drink

Some countries have better-regulated water than others. In fact, it’s even recommended that you don’t drink tap water at all in some regions of the world (especially if you’re pregnant), and instead opt for only bottled water. Plus, if your child is in the “fussy eating” stage, have you thought about the cuisine that will be on offer in the local area?  

Feeling poorly will undoubtedly be one way to bring the holiday down. By checking out local travel guides, and having a look online at the food offered at the hotel or local restaurants, you could save yourself plenty of time after you check in.

Food, rinks, candles on a table.

Travel first aid

Kids fall down. It’s a fact that I, and many other parents, have come to deal with over the years. Sometimes all it takes is a kiss and a hug for your little one to be feeling ready for the next stage of your adventure. However, sometimes you may need some antiseptic cream or a plaster to help cover up any scrapes or bumps.  

By packing a small travel first aid kit full of insect bite cream, plasters, antiseptic cream, and bandages, you should have yourself covered for any emergency situation. Plus, you won’t have to worry about trying to find a local shop at the last minute. 

George standing by his archery achievement!


Kids clubs

I have never hidden how important I feel it is to spend time with your family, and I still stand by this. However, sometimes you may need some “parent time” too. So what are you to do? Many resorts all across the world offer up kids clubs that will give everyone a chance to enjoy themselves.  

Some of the top resorts with kids clubs can be found all across Europe as they offer up themed atmospheres, plenty of activities, and some of the best-trained staff out there. Finally, you can have 5 minutes to sit back and soak up the sunshine. 

Check in online

Many airlines now require you to check in online. However, some still let you queue up for hours on end and could end up with random seats dotted around the aeroplane. It may cost a little extra to make sure your seats are all together, but it could save plenty of stress in the long run. There would be nothing worse than having a full child meltdown on the plane only to have one parent up one end and leaving the other to deal with it single-handedly. 

These are just some of my top tips for making your first holiday with the kids as easy as it can be. Now, it’s just time to sit back and enjoy your time as a family. 

Perhaps you have some extra tips you would like to add to the list? Be sure to let me know down in the comments below. 

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