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Book Review: I Do Not Like Books Anymore by Daisy Hirst.

*Thanks to Walker Books for this lovely book, all reviews 100% honest and my own.

We were recently sent a lovely little book called I Do Not Like Books Anymore by Daisy Hirst. We read so many books in this house, so it was a delight to be asked to review one for the blog. I love getting all snuggled with my little ones and settling down to read a book...

We weren't sure at first whether we'd like this particular book, Molly was put off a little bit by the title - I actually found this really cute, she loves books so much! So we talked about giving it a chance, and got stuck in!

The story is all about Natalie and Alphonse, a brother and sister completely in love with books.This part reminded me so much of George and Molly, the sheer joy of love for books, stories and long lost tales...

However, the story turns on its head when Natalie gets her very first book from the library and she struggles to read it by herself. The story describes the way a child may feel when given their first book, the scramble of words and symbols and how the books children are given aren't full of the adventures they're used to! Eventually Natalie gives up reading, looking for any excuse to avoid books...

I know we now home educate, but when George and Molly were in school we did experience the whole 'learning to read' Biff and Chip books... and yes, we all kinda hated them! We trudged through them with George though, but Molly missed this part of school (phew!). I can say there is a vast difference in how they have learnt to read, and Molly's journey was slower, later and much more enjoyable. I think it's important to make reading fun, to read together and encourage the love of books; go to the library and snuggle up at night and devour them together, without the pressure of goalposts.

I think this book is fantastic with dealing with the realities of learning to read, but mostly in a school environment or within the home educated families mimicking school. For us, it was the joy between the siblings as they make up their own stories (towards the end of the book) that made us smile, mostly because it's the kind of thing we do!

I think it would be easy for any family to find some joy, a connection to some part of this book. It focuses on the way children see the world, the pressures and the new and strange things they are given to learn every single day. It confronts fears and finds a way around the struggles of learning to read, and that's pretty magical...


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