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6 Reasons Older Online Dating Really Works…

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

I can't imagine being single again, mostly because Warren has my whole heart, but also because I'm older (and a lot wiser!) than I was when we first met. I have spoken before about how I met Warren, and I feel very lucky to have been fortunate to fall in love over a pint. It sums us up really, but it does leave me still wondering what may or may not have happened had we met ten years later.

The modern dating scene terrifies me, and I only hear it from my gorgeous single friends. When I was younger there wasn't really a 'scene', not that I remember anyway... But back then there wasn't all the
technology we have around us today, from apps to speed dating, it's definitely a bonus to have different ways to connect with your future partner.

I think the dating scene has evolved dramatically, you just need to look at this dating site to see how times have changed. But what does it mean for those that have skipped this evolving scene, the generations before all these advancements, do they have the options our younger counterparts do?

Well, the answer is yes. With sites like on the scene it means the world of dating is truly open to anyone, no matter how old they may be. This means that if you're yet to find that special person in your life, there are ways to narrow it down through such platforms and potentially fall head over heels in love. 

I think it's really important to remember that dating isn't just for young people, that anyone over the age of 40 is still important and relevant  when it comes to cupid. the sites are also easy to use and it can make the daunting concept of dating easier (and even fun!), because it's all about finding your perfect match! It's also a safer option compared to meeting randomly on the internet, but then again, I've known this to work also!

6 Reasons Older Online Dating Really Works…

1. You're older, but you're wiser.

As I've said already, I do feel a lot older now I'm 36. However, I'm also less naive and less willing to waste time and energy in areas that bring me down. So if I was dating in today's scene, then I think I'd be very upfront and honest about my personal needs. I think this 'growing up' can offer a different angle on dating, and you're less likely to get your heart crushed.

2. You know what you want.

Similarly to number 1 on the list, as you grow older you really do have a sense of what you want and need in your life. This leaves little room for any time wasters or one night stands (unless that's your thang!)…

3. It's Safer.
If you use a reputable site, your details are safe and you can get to know potential love interests online before you meet up.

4. It's less daunting.
Back in my day I remember the 'cattle market' of people in the clubs, the men on one side, the women on the other. I imagine this still happens, but with the internet this is turned on its head because you only find matches with people who are genuinely intersted in you and the things you're interested in. Whittling it down occurs pretty early on and if you're interested in someone online it generally doesn't involve too much sambuca and certainly no competitive dancing. I'm relieved and I'm not looking!

5. You can take your time.
In real life there's sometimes a rush to get things going, lots of dates and conversation often followed by the blow that things aren't what both people thought they were. In the online world you can iron out these issues before the real-life dating begins!

6. you can truly be yourself
When you meet in the big old world, it can be so daunting we often lose ourselves in the midst of conversation (and sometimes beer!). However, with online dating you can truly be you without the fear or social pressures experienced in social situations.

I think, regardless of age, dating as a whole can be a minefield. You're literally looking for that one person who 'gets' you, someone you can perhaps see yourself growing old with. You are looking for someone to make you laugh, comfort you and have fun with, and that's a lot to find in one other human being…

But when it happens, well then there's no looking back.

Would you try older online dating? What do you think the benefits could be?

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