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Why We're Planning a Dream Trip to Mexico!

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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
 After watching the famous Frida last year I've been very keen to introduce the children to her life and work. So when we stumbled upon a book all about her at our local library, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn more about this amazing Mexican woman! 

We've learnt all about her life and work, even working on our own self portraits, but there has been another revelation to come from learning all about Frida Kahlo...

We all want to visit Mexico! 

Location, location, location...

Of course, it takes two minutes to check out the different locations, tourist attractions and the history of such a beautiful and inspiring country. One evening (when I had 5 minutes to myself) I had a sneaky peek at places to stay and I was pretty blown aay by the choices on offer.

There are some stunning venues and places to visit in Mexico, a place I'd never really considered before falling in love with Frida.You can easily do a search for places to stay at Luxury Retreats,  Trip Advisor or simply google search your individual needs.
Whilst searching I came across Los Cabos vacation rentals, which seems to be a hugely popular destination with stunning beaches and lots of activities to keep you and your loved ones busy! You would need to travel across to a different part of Mexico (Coyoacán) to see anything Frida Kahlo related, but you'd have a beach on your front door, so it's weighing up the pros and cons of luxury and culture and getting a balance perfect for your family!

For us, it would all be about visiting Frida's museum, so we'd probably try to get as close to
Coyoacán as possible. There is a Holiday Inn located in this part of Mexico, as well as other various package holidays perfect for all kinds of budget. 

A view of the beach, grainy quality.


We are all total food fuss-pots here, and we're now (95%) part of the V-Gang (Vegan!) so it might prove even more difficult to eat in another country. But hey, a five minute web-search and look what I found...

Mexican food is based on beans, rice and fruits, so there is the possibilty of keeping things vegan whilst in Mexico! There are some awesome Mexican recipes and foods available, such as churros and gucamole, and I imagine anything 'bean' based wouldn't need the addition of meat anyway...

Nachos and dips close-up.

I also found this handy Vegan Guide to Mexico whilst I was having a nose on the web. Everything looks so fresh and delicious and it seems there's actually a lot more choice than we may have first thought - we just need to brush up on our language skills!

What to Pack!

Whenever and wherever we go on holiday as a family, we always worry about taking the right things…

I imagine the most important thing to remember is your passport and tickets, but after that, what else would be a good idea to take to Mexico?

I think in terms of essentials it's important to remember the following:

* A camera
* Toiletries of choice (make-up, deodorant etc)
*Towels and beach towels (unless provided by your accommodation)
* Hairbrush and toothbrush
* Swimwear
*Sun lotion
*Appropriate clothing for all the family
*Notebook and pen if you're feeling inspired 

Molly smiling with her curly hair blowing in the wind on the beach.

I also think having some kind of plan or schedule is vital for knowing what you're doing and when you're doing it, otherwise you might get all mixed up and miss out on some important sights! I tend to book ahead of our trip so we don't have to worry too much once we arrive, it seems to save a lot of time and hassle.

After our trip to Barcelona I picked up a few tips when it comes to travelling, such as keeping a photocopy of your passport on you, just in case you lose your original. Also, spread all your clothes out across all the different suitcases you intend to take, in case one goes missing. We had this on our return journey and it was missing for months, luckily it had a mixture of our things in it so we still had things in the other suitcases to use.

There are lots of handy 'packing' resources online too, to help you remember your essentials.

Culture and Home Education

The biggest reason for us to visit Mexico would be to bring Frida Kahlo to life. We adore her, her art work and everything she stood for, and to visit a place where she once stood, to see her artwork in real life, well that would be amazing. 

There's also other cultural things to learn about and see whilst travelling in Mexico, such as Day of the Dead. I would absolutely love to tie in a trip with this festival (1st and 2nd November), I think it would be an amazing way to learn more about Mexico and their cultural beliefs. There's also Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupeon 12th December, one of the most important religious holidays in Mexico.

I actually think travelling is an amazing way to learn, from meeting new and interesting people, to seeing historical places and learning about different cultures, travelling can offer it all and more. 
It certainly seems there's a lot more to Mexico than first meets the eye, and I for one am desperate to get out there and learn more, and so are my children! 

Have you been to Mexico? Where would you visit and why?

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