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Dreamy, Fuctional and Inspiring: A Writer's Perfect Home.

A desk with typewriter, glasses and notebook on top with title.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Ever since I was a small child I have always loved writing, from poetry to stories, even copying up college notes gave me a sense of joy. As I've grown older this love has remained, but my time has dwindled. Sometimes we need a space, an area to reconnect with our writerly selves, as well as the tools to create the words and beyond. 

For the past month I have been (not so) secretly pinning lots of images to my board entitled, 'My Dream Home', and I've even surprised myself when it comes to the pictures, photos and DIY projects I've pinned along the way. I've chosen a lot of bold designs and plenty of inspiring photography, and after weeks of Pinterest dreaming I thought it only made sense to go one step further and share this dream on my blog.

I'm hoping (but I have no idea) that this post will resonate with those of you who write, or are creative in some way. I hope my taste, style and words appeal to you, and if not, I at least hope you appreciate my point of view and share yours too!


A Writer's Perfect Home.

The first thing that really and truly appeals to me about a dream home is solitude. Solitude, but to a point. So, I don't want to be cut off from reality permanently, but I do want to be somewhat cut off. I'm thinking a log cabin in the woods or on the top of a hill but a walk away from transport, the GP and shops. You can get one for around 12k... What?! I did tell you it was a dream...

I imagine having a home that brings tranquillity and time into our lives. A space perfect for writing and editing, without the stresses of modern day living. Basically the best of both worlds and I think that's anyone's dream, right?

A cabin with a decked area with a huge view of the woods.

I would imagine the inside of my dream home to be spacious and full of lots of reclaimed wood. I can imagine Warren building bits and bobs in the fresh air whilst I watch him (all wrapped up inside!) with a good book, the kids running wild and free...

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I'd also love a lot of colour running through my dream home, and a big part of this would be a bold yellow. I'm not sure where this has come from, but I definitely love a bold yellow interior. Obviously there would be a dash of green, but I imagine yellow would bring out the brightness in all of us, even on glum cloudy days.

Of course it wouldn't be a writer's home without piles and piles (and piles!) of books everywhere! I'd even go as far to say there should be a dedicated library...

A large collection of books in a library with a large window at one end and stairs leading down.

When it comes to interiors, the next dream on my list would be a magnificent writing desk. I don't know how I would have coped all these years blogging and writing/editing my novel without a desk. My current desk is old and pretty battered, but I wouldn't be without it because it's seen me through some tough and some wonderful writing times. 

(Photo credit: Lyons Home)

This one is £257.99 (RRP £284.99) from Lions Home is so beautiful, and I can imagine how joyous it would feel to write at; I'm not sure I'd ever stop! I think a desk can help focus you when you're writing, giving you time away from the day-to-day part of life. 

A comfortable and stylist chair would need to be next, who needs a sofa when you have a cosy writing/reading chair?! 

White/Beige swivel chair on a white background.
£995 from Lyons Home. (Photo credit: Lyons Home)

 I'd obviously dream of beautiful accessories to go with my desk/chair combination, and I think this gorgeous set from Amara would be perfect! It's pretty and functional and I find I'm using a lot of paperclips these days for all my different posts, from gift guides to keeping an eye on my income...

I'm also totally obsessed with pineapples, so this lamp would be a dream come true!
£85.00 from Amara. (Photo credit: Amara)

 Of course, I'd totally need a collection of beautiful pens and notebooks. I am obsessed with my Lamy pens, and I'd happily add to the collection!

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It might sound silly, but as a writer I'm totally obsessed with kitchens. I do feel that having a full belly make you more productive (if you can get through that after lunch sleepy feeling!) and a big part of my life is spent in the kitchen. I think the kitchen is the heart of the home for us, a place to feel inspired and creative. We don't just cook; we talk, read and create. Whilst cooking I'm often thinking about the blog or my novel, and I'd love for my dream kitchen to be beyond inspiring yet functional all at once.

Table with candles, jug, fruit and bread on.

Lastly, my dream home would consist of my bloomin' lovely family and friends; the ones I adore and who adore me back... It would include my children running around squealing with delight, Warren and I cooking together in our large and welcoming (and yellow!) kitchen, and an open fire warming our toes after a long day spent a my desk working...

Except, in my dream home, work doesn't feel like work at all...

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