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Free Range Fun Rocks at Bluestone!

We love being outside, even on rainy day walks we always have a lot of fun and discover something new along the way. Whilst at Bluestone I found this post all about the outdoors and how little time people spend in the countryside exploring nature. It really surprised me and I wholeheartedly agree with Bluestone's encouragement and passion for nature, greenery and taking advantage of their free range fun!

Whilst away we spent some of our time exploring the greenery and it was simply breathtaking. Each way you look there's greenery, wonderful rolling hills and an abundance of creatures and critters to catch your eye. We really wanted to catch sight of some bunnies this year, but unfortunately we didn't see any. However we did see squirrels, robins, insects, ducks and more other lovely birds...


I love Bluestone's ethos with regards to cars only being used on arrival and departure days (with the exception of emergencies and disabled parking.). It means the wildlife and general sense of calm can be encouraged, as well as plenty of healthy walking-unless you choose to hire a buggy! We really enjoyed walking around and discovering new places, and people!

The lake was one of our favourite discoveries, with a bug house and beautiful views, as well as plenty of wildlife to discover. There was a very friendly robin too…

I really loved the signs dotted around encouraging children to be wild and free, as you might already know that's what we encourage at home! It was refreshing to be in a place where children (and adults) are encouraged to have fun, let go and explore without the need to sit still or be quiet. 

Not only is the freedom factor great for you mentally, but also physically we were out and about on foot every day. It was just a joy to feel so relaxed and happy, with George and Molly (and Warren!) racing around, having fun with huge grins on their faces.

The free range fun at Bluestone is definitely a huge part of staying there, from beautiful views to discovering new things, you can embrace the child within whatever your age.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary lodge in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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