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Christmas Gift Ideas for Children.

I absolutely love shopping for the little ones in our life, so creating this fab list of gift ideas for children was a really exciting project. From wooden toys to books and all that's in between, buying gifts for children at Christmas is the best part in my opinion.
I've divided the items into different categories so it's easy to see a few ideas for each kind of gift. So, here goes...



Probably the best kind of gift any child could ever wish for, toys are a great way to expand their imaginations and encourage them to engage in a world of make believe. In my selection there's a gorgeous tea set from Amara for £35.00. They have a fantastic selection of gifts on  their site, you really will be spoilt for choice...

Wooden toys are always a massive hit in our house, so combining this with an interactive train element is basically the perfect toy! Hape have created an amazing wooden train set with an added feature- music! Their Rainbow Route Railway and Station set includes a Tambourine Tune Track, a Xylophone Melody Track as well as colourful rainbow pieces; it's basically the perfect gift for Christmas! You can currently buy this lovely set for £65.57 (RRP £74.95) from Amazon


When it comes to 'play', nobody is better at it than Molly in this house. She has an obsession with Sylvanian Families and I totally see why; they're so cute and absolutely perfect for playing by yourself or with others. I completely adore their Sky Ride Adventure (currently £20.00 from Amazon), it's so adorable, colourful and perfect for little adventurers. I know this is top of Molly's list for Christmas!


Creative Gifts

 Molly and George love getting creative, and these days there's so much on offer when it comes to creative products, perfect for the little artists out there. 

Colour & Fun have a fab collection of creative products, perfect for any child. There's a great selection to choose from, including Top Model Create Your Fantasy Face and Colouring Book (£9.47), MyBuild (£19.47), Colouring Pens (£21.47) and Magic Pens (£11.47). There's so much to choose from suitable for a large age range, and it's all such fab quality!


George and Molly love cooking and baking, so the concept of a pizza making kit totally rocks! This set includes a pizza tray, pizza slice, rolling pin and pizza mix and costs £14.99. It's so fab and I think it's perfect as a joint gift for children to use together. 

Bath bombs are a huge hit in this household and we've recently made them at one of our home education meet ups; it was fab! So what better gift than one that gives you the chance to make them at home? Find Me A Gift has the perfect Bath Bomb Kit for Christmas and it makes 12 bombs in total. The kit costs £13.99 and I think that's a pretty great price for such a fun, interactive and scientific gift. 



I'm a sucker for stationery, it's absolutely my favourite thing (as well as crafting!). I think there's so much more stationery available these days, and I for one can never have too much of it.  

I am super in love with this gorgeous personalised writing set from Stationery Geek for £5.49. I love how funky it is, but it's biggest perk is how personal it is. I really love the idea of encouraging my children to dabble in the old fashioned ways, including letter writing and I think George is going to love this set!

When it comes to stationery, notepads are one of my biggest loves. The kids seemed to have followed me in this way and they have notepads on the go quite a lot, from drawing pictures to writing stories they're a definite must have for our children this year! Helen Russell Creations have the perfect set for £5 which includes two notebooks, one plain and one lined, perfect for stories and pictures. I adore these gorgeous books; they're cute, bright and inspiring.



Oh how we adore books. From fast paced action to fact or dazzling fiction, we read a lot of books! As you might know, we have a fondness for Flying Eye Books; they're captivating and perfect for any child. This Christmas I'd probably suggest The Amazing Animal Atlas (£25.00) and Morris Wants More (£9.99), both from Flying Eye. They're so bright and interesting and I can imagine them keeping children entertained over the festive period and beyond.

My list for George and Molly also includes Daisy Really, Really, The Guinness World Records and The Girl Who Saved Christmas. I love a good Christmas themed book and we will also be reading The Christmasaurus again this year, so it's lovely to add to the festive collection we already have.

Educational Gifts.

Giving educational gifts can still be a joy with the likes of Miffy, Magformers and Aquabeads. You can basically give a child all the fun and learning in one package and I like that, a lot! I love the cute factor of the Miffy Puzzle, the science and maths behind Magformers and the technique and outcome of the Aquabeads...


Clothing for Christmas is such a lovely way to give someone something that will last them throughout the year. I also like the idea of personalised clothing, such as this ace 'Curly Hair Don't Care' tee from Rockets and Rainbows, which is perfect for our curly haired girl! This tee is a snip at £7.00 and there are so many other options and styles available you'll be spoilt for choice. Oh, and they also sell adult clothes too!

Obviously, it wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't send or receive woolly socks! I bought a set from Primark and I plan to use them as part of my advent plans this year for George and Molly.


Stocking Fillers...

Stocking fillers are always difficult to find, especially if you're looking for something well priced and of high quality. Then I stumbled upon what2buy4kids and realised I'd found a haven of stocking filler goodies perfect for Christmas Day. I really loved the idea of Kim's Game (£3.50), mostly because of Nanny Kim! I also loved their collection of outdoor toys, such as the Soak N Sling Rockets (£2.50) and Soak N Sling Balls (£2.50); perfect as those winter months roll on by and the sun comes out to play. Or if it's a more classic stocking filler you're after, then look no further than their Rocket Notebooks (£3.99) and Rocket Colouring Pens (£2.99).  

Cuddly Toys!

 This house is home to many a cuddly toy, so the addition of one or two more is greatly welcomed (by the kids at least!). I absolutely love this gorgeous Daschund cuddly toy from Amara.

He's £22.00 and perfect right from birth to old age in my opinion! I love how much personality this little fella has, perfect for kids with lots of character.

Remember when the Mog advert came out and alongside it the cuddly toy that sold out within days?!Well, when I saw this dude on Amazon (RRP £14.99) I couldn't wait to purchase her, and a book too! She's such a cute cuddly toy and any fan of Mog would love her! 

Personalised Gifts.

Nothing quite says I love you than a personalised gift. Bags of Love have so many adorable personalised kids gifts I could cry! From a lunch bag to a toy box, there's just so much choice! My favourite items include a pocket sized notebook (from £15.00), jigsaw puzzle (from £20.00) and their awesome poster prints (from £6.00)!

I adore buying gifts for my children, I think Christmas is such a magical time and I hope my list helps you find something wonderful for you little ones this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Disclosure: I received these items to include in this guide. All opinions are 10% honest and my own.


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