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Knoppers: The Guilt-Free Tasty Snack!

Each week we have a movie night and it always involves snacks, but I always end up feeling really guilty about tucking into a chocolate bar (or two!). Luckily, the wonderful people from Storck UK, who created the delights known to us as Toffifee, Bendicks and Werther's Original, have created something completely and utterly delicious and low calorie all at once!

Knoppers, pronounced 'K-noppers' are a delicious snack made with crispy baked wafers, a milky hazelnut filling and a chocolatey wafer coating. They cost £1.25 for a multipack of four or 50p for one, such an inexpensive low calorie treat!

Knoppers are already available in 50 countries around Europe and will soon be winging their way to the UK this year, so we were very lucky to be able to try these delicious treats out and let you know what we think!

Our Knoppers arrived, and immediately everyone tucked in. It was actually pretty hard to tear some away from the family (including myself!) for photographs! When I say they're delicious, I really mean de-lic-ious! With only 137 calories in each one, you just don't feel the guilt for enjoying one compared to other treat related snacks out there.

From my point of view, it helps to have a little boost during a busy day, or to nibble on during our regular movie night. It's completely guilt-free which is always good, but I do have to be honest and say they're completely more-ish! However, they're also really super filling, so one totally hits the spot...

George and Molly also love them, so it's a thumbs up all round from the Allen Clan. Knoppers are delicious, filling and won't jeopardise your waistband, what's not to love?! 

 Knoppers available to buy from Poundstores, B&M, Poundworld, Costcutter, Nisa, McColls and Spar, so you'll certainly be able to get your hands on them! We are huge fans and we've already picked up our first multipack from Poundworld in Talbot Green this week...

But I'd be quick, they're so delicious I can't imagine them staying on the shelves for very long! 

Disclosure: I received Knoppers in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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