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Happy National Poetry Day!

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and to celebrate I wrote a short poem dedicated to a part of my life I'd rather forget. I love writing poetry, it's a release like no other, and all my thoughts spill on to the page and then I feel better once more.

 My poem for today is called Splintered World; it's a bit dark, but it reflects on all those relationships and friendships that have caused pain or simply left me feeling empty inside. 

Splintered World

What has happened here?
People without eyes,
lies bleeding from their mouths;
red liquorice lips melt to the ground.

A far off sound,
laughter sprinkling through the air,
false smiles and crooked teeth.

A mosaic of people
I can't reach,
a messy blur of bodies…

I'm too old for all of this.

Why me?
This torturous affair
is killing me.
There's nothing left,
the bereft and the bitter
twittering on.

But I'm done.

There's no place for me here now.

National Poetry Day

 There's so much you can do to celebrate today and the world of poetry, such as entering your own poetry into this competition or discovering new poetry. I think it's a great way to vent, to express any pent up feelings and to enter into the magical world of the written and spoken word.

How will you be celebrating National Poetry Day?

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