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Decoupage Project 1: The Pineapple.

Whenever I visit Hobbycraft I immediately want to buy everything in the shop. From paints to crafting, it is literally heaven to me. I have been eager to try out their selection of mache shapes, so I recently ordered a few items to decoupage. When they arrived I knew exactly which one I was going to try out first; the pineapple. It's my favourite fruit and it's pretty cool to look at, so it made sense. 

I had a smidge of Modge Podge left and I ordered some beautiful printed decoupage paper in yellow to go with it. It really didn't cost much at all, the pineapple was £5 and the paper was £3.80. For a fun project to decorate your home or give as a gift, it's pretty darn cheap!

So, I started off with a mache pineapple, decoupage paper, Modge Podge and a brush. The whole concept of decoupage is pretty simple…

1. Make sure you have everything you need to hand, it can get a bit sticky!
2. Tear strips of paper (not too big) and pop them in a pile.
3. Brush some Modge Podge onto the mache shape and pop a piece of torn paper on top.
4. Brush another layer of Modge Podge over this piece of paper.
5. Add another piece of paper, overlapping the last slightly. Don't worry about matching up the pattern, that's the beauty of this craft.
6. Keep doing this until the whole mache shape is covered and leave to dry.
7. Add any embellishments, such as paint or glitter.

My top tips would be, don't overdo it with the glue, a fine layer is enough. Also, take your time and enjoy it, it's a really relaxing craft.Also, with regards to step 7, I did this first for the pineapple, because I thought it would be a messy task. Turns out I was right...

 So this was how my pineapple turned out…

I love it! It's perfect for our bedroom which has a bit of a yellow/mustard theme running through it. I just think pineapples look so happy, so it makes me feel happy…

I'm planning a series of decoupage crafts to be featured on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for Project 2!

Have you used decoupage? What did you create?

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