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Book Review: Who's Been in Our Tree? by Diana Batchelor.

When I was a kid our house was burgled, and I remember this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to ever go back inside. We didn't have any kind of resources or support as a family, so when we were offered the chance to review Who's Been In Our Tree? by Diana Batchelor I felt very honoured to have the chance to feature this lovely book on our blog.

Who's Been In Our Tree? is a book written with a very important purpose, to help children and families cope with life after a burglary. The story follows four cute characters, Fox, Badger, Hedgehog and Squirrel, who return home to their tree after they've been burgled.

George and Molly were so excite to read it, the cover is extremely inviting and bright, with gorgeous illustrations. We opened up the book and began to read, and I have to say I was very impressed indeed! Firstly, the illustrations are inviting, bright and just so adorable…

Secondly, the actual writing is clear, concise and grammatically correct, which is incredibly important to me when I know for a fact my children are learning from every book they read. I read the words and as the story unfolded Molly pointed out how some of the characters were girls; this made her so happy.

I thought this book was absolutely fantastic, and if you know me well you'll know I am a tough reviewer! I thought the story was very sweet and simple to follow and the different characters and their reactions to the burglary allow each child to connect and relate to a particular character and reaction to the situation. I loved how the book deals with anger, sadness, fears and anxiety in such simple ways, even I could relate to the characters as they tried to push forward after their tree house had been burgled. 

Both George and Molly related to characters and listened intently as I read the book aloud to them both. Afterwards we enjoyed talking about the various parts as suggested at the back of the book, and of course we tried out the Flippety Floppety Rabbit Dance which was pretty hilarious but also fantastic for loosening up our bodies and getting rid of all the stresses of life! The resources at the back of the book are just as useful as the actual book itself, and I really believe it can help children who have been burgled, but also children who have experienced other kinds of trauma or live with any kind of anxiety or stress.

We absolutely adore this book, and even though we haven't experienced anything like this in our children's lifetime, but it's great to know there are resources out there to help heal and guide children (and parents) after such an event.

You can get a copy of Who's Been in Our Tree from Troubador or Amazon for £6.99.

Disclosure: We received this book in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 


  1. This is a topic I've never raised with the kids, even though we were burgled when I was younger and remember the pure devastation from the fallout. The book sounds like a great way to deal with a traumatising event

  2. Great review and a brilliant book. Thanks for sharing your experiences it will be helping others.


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