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Review: Baby Driver at Chapter Arts.

Baby Driver seems to have had some pretty awesome feedback since its release, so Warren and I were super excited to head to Chapter Arts this evening and see what it was all about...

With a stonking cast including the diverse Jamie Fox, legend Kevin Spacey and the wonderful Ansel Elgort, who you might know from The Fault in Our Stars, Baby Driver is a non-stop car chasing fest with a mega soundtrack to boot! The story follows Baby (Elgort), an awesome driver trapped in a deal with Doc (Spacey) to be the designated driver for his illegal gang robberies, but even when he's paid his debt back, he learns that there's no such thing as freedom when you have a skill like his… But when Baby falls in love with Debora, his life changes forever.

The film opens with an awesome car chase scene setting the tone for the film from the off. Elgort has this rather fab way of drawing you in with his mannerisms, charm and a whole lotta silent acting. I loved how the music and beats of things worked together throughout the movie, from gunfire to motion of any kind, it linked so perfectly with the musical beats and rhythm.

The storyline was pretty easy to follow, Baby has an incredibly sad story, yet the film remained pleasantly optimistic and upbeat due to the soundtrack and writing. I thought Elgort was perfectly cast; the right amount of silence, intrigue and kindness within a boy who just ended up mixing with the wrong people…

I thought the dialogue was pretty outstanding; it was quirky and funny and kept me hooked throughout. Great dialogue can make a film, and it certainly does in this movie!
I was really impressed with all of the car chase scenes, they were well timed, filmed and executed. I can't stand movies where action scenes are so fast you can't see the action! This isn't a problem wit this movie; these scenes are flawless.

I love a good love story, and Baby and Debora give it in abundance. Their relationship is passionate and painful; at times it's hard to watch but it's always very hopeful indeed, and I love that! Spacey played his part with ease, and it was hard not to like him to be honest, much like the twisted character played by Fox!

For me, the only part that didn't hit me with a punch was the ending. I just didn't 'feel' it, it was a little too simply put together and lit lacked some edge. I wanted something different, something cleaner than the ending given, which in my opinion was a little sloppy.

Regardless of the ending, this is an interesting and fast-paced movie, with highs and lows along the way, and music to steer you along. I thought it had a lot of energy and (ahem) drive, and it's not the kind of film you'll get bored watching!

You can catch Baby Driver at Chapter until 3rd Augut 2017, so what are you waiting for?

We really enjoyed this movie, did you?

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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