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Our Family Trip to Camp Bestival!

We were really excited to be chosen to be one of the lucky blogger ambassadors for Camp Bestival this year. We love camping anyway, but to add music, entertainment and activities into the mix was an extremely exciting prospect indeed!

Camp Bestival takes place every year and this year was it's 10 year anniversary. We couldn't attend for the whole weekend, so we arrived on the Saturday afternoon, but I would advise booking for the whole event because there's just so much to see and do. We followed all the signs and arrived at the site within good time, and thanks to some friendly campers we made our way to the Box Office and before we knew it we had wrist bands and it was time to pitch our tent and get on with our Camp Bestival adventure!

We were lucky enough to find a spot close to the entrance; this suited us for a few reasons. Firstly, there were toilets close by - perfect for the kids (and us oldies haha!), secondly it was a lot quieter than other areas, and even though it was a bit of a walk to the festivities, it was super close to the car park ready for when we left on the Monday morning. 

We had planned ahead (for once!) and invested in a festival trolley/truck, and although it was super useful, I know for a fact I couldn't have dragged it through the mud the way Warren did. The rain had caused such a mud bath, which was fab to walk through, but the trolley was so heavy because of it. So, if you choose to take a trolley, be warned! 

Once the tent was up and our bits were safely stored inside, we headed off to catch The Bootleg Beatles, one of my favourite tribute bands ever! As usual, they were amazing and we all had a lovely boogie in the warm summer rain; it was magical. 

We were all pooped so after their set we wandered around and looked at the various areas and then we headed back to our tent. It didn't take long for everyone to nod off, and then it was time for Sunday fun!
The next morning was crisp and dry, and we cooked up a little feast to start the day! Then we headed off to see what was going on…

George and Molly loved the hammocks, I actually think they would have stayed there most of the day if I hadn't nagged them to move on! 

There was so much to see and do, we headed to the Circus tent and the kids played with the tightrope, hula-hoops, large inflatable balls and anything they could get their hands on! There were also people performing in different areas and rides (at an extra cost), so George and Molly constantly felt engaged and entertained. 

Even though there was so much to do, there was the chance to sit and chill in front of the Castle Stage. It was lovely seeing children running around, bubbles floating through the air and laughter filling our ears.

We were very keen to check out the Science Tent and Art Town. We caught a Science show which was really interactive and fun, and Molly ventured into Art Town to take part in chalk drawings and create a pom pom rock! I think Art Town was possibly my favourite part of the day because it was so creative and full of really friendly and passionate people. 


After this we headed towards the Castle Stage to get some pizza, have a sit down and listen to some music. We were very relieved to have this fab drinks container from Push Doctor; we were parched in the heat so it was fab having a drink to hand! It was so relaxing sitting together on the grass, and then the face paints came out haha!


After dinner we were lucky enough to catch Brian Wilson, and after this we headed back to our tent and nodded off- we were all totally pooped!

I really think going for the whole weekend would have been amazing, but we were very lucky to be able to come for a short weekend visit. There was so much to see and do, and it was nice to focus in on ourselves as a family. The little guide to show you where you're going and what's on was really useful, and there's a lot of choice! I imagine it's nice to go with friends and their kids too, because there are some fab workshops for grown-ups too!

We loved how bold the festival felt, from the Camp Bestival Rock and Pop theme to the use of flags and other visual art, it felt strong and centred on a festival vibe!

 When we left we ended up being towed out by a tractor, which was quite an event for the kiddies (and me!). It basically proved that no amount of mud or rain can spoil Camp B!

Our trip went so fast, but already the preparations for 2018 are under way! You can grab a pre-sale early bird ticket from 4th August 2017, just sign up to Camp Bestival's mailing list to receive information and news on the promotion.

I can't wait for next year if this year is anything to go by, I'm just making sure we can be there from start to finish and fit a whole lot more fun in!

Did you go to Camp Bestival this year? What did you get up to?

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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