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Review: Personalised Hoodies from Love Millie!

We were recently sent two lovely personalised hoodies from Love Millie to test out. We all love going out and about on adventures together, and over time we've learnt that having the right outerwear is key. We also love to have fun with our clothing, from bright colours to mixing it up a little, Love Millie ticks all the boxes when it comes to my children's clothing wants and needs!

The website is very easy to use, you simply select the gender you want to buy for and go from there. I'm really not big on gender stereotyping, but as I entered into the process I realised it was somewhat necessary in terms of hair styles, although it would be great to have a longer style in the boys section and curls in both sections (for the kids that eat their crusts!). I like that you can still select pink for boys and blue for girls, this is pretty refreshing in the world of fashion!

Molly opted for a blue hoodie with a blonde hairstyle and the print 'x love x', which says it all really because she is pure love! George went for a red hoodie with blonde hair and his name printed on it. Within a week the hoodies arrived and the kiddies couldn't wait to try them out!  

It was a crisp sunny morning we headed out for an adventure with their new hoodies on, and they looked fantastic! We headed out with Ziggy dog to the Acre, a gorgeous walk in Llantrisant, full of scenery and adventure. 

As we walked along and George and Molly skipped ahead, I realised how useful the bright colours are. I've been out and about and often noticed how George and Molly's clothing blends into the environment, but the hoodies stood out amongst the greenery and I felt safe in the knowledge of knowing where both children were as we wandered along in the sunshine.

I like that they allow both children to explore, play and get stuck into every adventure without feeling restricted; the material is so soft and comfortable to wear and I could tell both children felt cosy wearing them. I love the print on both of them, the use of fuzzy felt is really cute and I love the option to have a printed word or phrase underneath the face. Molly loves the pouch and hood the most, she was very snuggled up as we explored the woods together.


Love Millie hoodies are £26.00 each, which I think is a great price for the quality, personalisation and cute styles available. They're bright and colourful, they allow children to make fun and interesting choices or if you're buying them as a gift they're so cute and full of character, you can't really go wrong-I just wish they made adult versions so I could have one for myself!

What do you think of Love Millie hoodies? Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page for more Love Millie inspiration...

Disclosure: I received these items in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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