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Review: Despicable Me 3 at Chapter Arts.

I've not been feeling well for the past week so it was super nice to wake up today and feel ready to get out and about with my fantastic family. So, after a long river walk with the dog we headed to Chapter Arts to see Despicable Me 3!
We were all so excited and it was obvious as we drove into Cardiff smiling and chattering away about why we couldn't wait to see it! It's the start of the summer holiday, so there was a great family vibe as we entered Chapter, with lots of excited kids bouncing their way to the cinema.

The film began and it was obvious Warren and I were going to love it with the 80's soundtrack and vibe and the kids were in their element as soon as the Minions hit the screen!

After Gru is fired for not catching diamond-thief and super villain Balthazar Bratt, Gru discovers he has a long-lost twin brother called Dru. When they meet, Dru begs Gru to help him in his villainous quest and Gru agrees (with an ulterior motive in mind). After they recover the diamond, 80's evil genius Balthazar manages to kidnap the girls and send the entire family into a game of chase, rescue and finally reunion…

I absolutely adored the soundtrack to the entire film, from Madonna to A-ha, I felt like I was in 80's heaven! I also loved the 80's vibe from Rubik's Cube explosions and bubblegum, shoulder pads and disco balls, it had the 80's covered! 

For the kids it was all about the hilarity of the film, from slapstick humour to funny jokes, the cinema was full of children's laugther! Molly (and I!) both loved the unicorn elements of the film, as well as the 'dance-off' battle between Gru and Balthazar- so hilarious! There's a lot less Minion fun within the film compared to the first two, and Dr Nefario isn't in it at all, which was a bit disappointing. However, the addition of Dru makes up for this, he is pretty hilarious and quirky and I like his naughty streak!

George loved the humour and the elements of Gru embarrassing himself throughout the film! I could hear his little giggles as he sat next to me in the cinema. As I sat with my children I could totally relate to Gru and Lucy's parental sides; they're both protective and passionate about the girls just as we are with our two gorgeous kids!

We really enjoyed the movie, even though it definitely has a different vibe to the first two. It expands the story a lot more, extending Gru's family and also consolidating how good Gru is now as a person. It's a feel-good film with lots of laughter, sentiment and so much 80's nostalgia it hurts!

Despicable Me 3 is on at Chapter until Thursday 10th August 2017, a perfect summer treat for the family!

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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