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Simply Exquisite: My Life as a Courgette at Chapter Arts.

Last night we had a lovely trip to Chapter Arts to catch a movie we've been very keen to see since we saw the trailer. My Life as a Courgette is one of those films that strike you, both visually and because of the techniques implemented to make it a reality; I can only imagine how much dedication went into designing and creating such a world.

George and Molly were very excited too, and it was great to be able to show them (and Warren) the gorgeous screen with the twinkling lights and this air of cinema from so long ago.

The story follows Courgette, a young boy who inadvertently kills his alcoholic mother. A kind police officer takes Courgette to a foster home for other 'unwanted' and 'unloved' children, where he eventually makes friends. One day a young girl, Camille, arrives and she and Courgette connect instantly. What follows is a surge in love between the friends, the threat of losing Camille forever and finally the chance of a happy ending.

First of all I want to say that stop-motion animation is probably my favourite thing ever to watch. I think it shows such skill, especially when it evokes such emotion and feeling. I sat with Molly in awe as I watched the characters form their words, their smiles, their movements, and all I could think was, 'This must have taken forever…'

The fact that someone has the patience for this kind of art, it's just outstanding. I loved how their faces were formed, their bodies with long spaghetti arms and their pinched ears and noses. It all had a sense of reality, a gritty reality that flowed alongside the storyline.

Courgette was simply adorable, and I wanted to help him from the beginning of the movie! Even in the darkest times he still held this connection to his mother, but over time and surrounded by the right people, he begins to trust other people and a new kind of family is formed.

I really loved the honest portrayal of children, the way they act and talk, the things they say about sex and relationships are hilarious and it just had this very open and honest vibe. At times it reminded me of Stand By Me or The Goonies, the kids saving the day, with lots of comical and quirky moments along the way.

I also loved the length of this film, it kept my children's attention for the whole time, but any longer and I think they would have become distracted. Molly liked Camille and George liked Courgette and they both thought the ending was lovely. I could have easily had another half hour of story, maybe a bit more of a crisis for Camille, but then that's me!

This film is stunning from start to finish, and it opens up topics children might need to talk about (how other children live, kindness etc). I think it's a beautiful film with an important story, and I can't wait to see it again!

My Life as Courgette is showing tonight at 8.30pm and tomorrow at 2.30pm and 6.10pm. 

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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