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Funny-not-funny gifts...

Have you ever been given the kind of gift that makes you want to question whether the gift-giver in question knows you at all?! You know, the kind of gift that makes you narrow your eyebrows and your jaw drops and nothing but a, 'Eh?' escapes your lips? Well, I've had quite a few of those gifts over the years, and to be honest I look back and laugh…

My favourite of all of them was a shiny red mop bucket and fancy mop for Christmas four year's ago from Warren. He was so proud as he handed it over, I looked at him, he looked at me and he said, 'You said how much you'd like a new one...'

I stared, a bit shocked but also a bit happy. It was a decent mop, you know what I mean?! Even now, several long years later, we laugh and joke bout it and I kinda give him the 'death stare', just so he knows never to buy me a mop again, for Christmas anyway…

I thought I'd reach out to some other (very lovely) bloggers and they were kind enough to share their funny-not-funny gift experiences…

'A belly button warmer. Even more useless since I don't have a belly button!' -The Incidental Parent

'I got a fossil. Not quite sure what I'm meant to do with it. It's in the attic somewhere! No idea where hubby got it from. It was one of the first gifts he gave me!'  - Lylia Rose.

'Not me, but my dad has outdone himself over the years. Bought my mum a deer head thermometer for reading air temp (??). And another year bought her a packet cake mix because she wanted a cake?' -Bare Mother.

'I once asked my father in law about a telescope the school he worked in was getting rid of (for my daughter) ... I ended up getting a cheap kids telescope for Christmas...' - Arepops.
'I was given a magnum of prosecco as a Christmas gift when I was 6 months pregnant. Wasn't amused at all, but at least I've enjoyed it post baby! -One Small Human.

'In the early days of our marriage my husband bought me a cookery book because he wanted me to make him some of the things in it. He has come a long way since then!' -Falcondale Life.

'My husband bought me the most enormous Italian dictionary one year while I was in uni because I'd mentioned I needed a new one ... I didn't mean I wanted it as a gift. We do laugh about it, and his friends mock him for being so daft!' -Baby Holiday.

'Secret Santa at work I once got a single pair of knickers. In a size bigger than I need. Quite nice pants so not a joke present. To this day I have no idea who got them, or what they were thinking.' - Someone's Mum.

'I once received a soap moulder. Mould back together bits of old soap, 'Because I like to save money'…' - Katy Kicker.

I actually cried laughing at these, and then I smiled because I felt a little less alone in the 'funny-not-funny' world of gifting haha!

Have you ever received a funny-not-funny gift? Tell me all about it!


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