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Beautiful and Heartfelt: The Scarecrows' Wedding at Sherman Theatre.

Today was a marvellous day in the world of family theatre, with the much loved book, The Scarecrows' Wedding, coming to life on the stage at Sherman Theatre. We haven't been To Sherman as a family before, so it felt very special indeed. The place was buzzing with little kids and it had such a great vibe, so much energy and excitement all at once!

The theatre at Sherman is one of the best, the tiered seating ensures you have a great view no matter where you are sat. The stage is great and the whole place just feels alive with the essence of theatre…

The stage was set, full of props and delightfully bright and vintage looking items, from old radios to suitcase, it looked warm and welcoming.

The show began with the three actors welcoming the audience and encouraging us to clap our hands and foot-tap along to their song! I was immediately hooked, as were George and Molly! The characters consists of three wonderfully talented folk; Betty O' Barley, Harry O'Hay and the Farmer (who plays lots of other creatures too!).

The story follow Betty and Harry as they plan the wedding 'that no one will ever forget!'. They go off to collect all the important things on their wedding list, then Harry suggests Betty has a nap whilst he finds the flowers. When he doesn't return, the farmer replaces Harry with Reginald Rake. When Reginald Rake shows off, Betty is left in a dangerous situation. Will Harry make it back in time to save her?

I will admit I wondered at first how they'd keep the attention of all the children in the theatre, but oh my, I needn't have worried. From their voices to their acting they had everyone hooked!

When it comes to talent, the three actors had it in abundance. From singing and dancing, to playing a vast array of instruments, the performance was out of this world. The magic created on stage, combining songs with the original book and story, felt so heart-warming and unique.

We all loved the farmer and his interpretation of each character he played. The clever set and props allowed him to delve into our minds, as socks became birds and chairs became cars, we were able to build around these visuals and add all the layers with our imaginations. He was hilarious too, from his French accent to his hippie snail, he gave each character their own personality and I couldn't stop laughing.

Harry O'Hay stood out from the beginning, with an awesome voice and ability to play a guitar, ukulele, banjo and more. He was super cute on the stage and I loved his energy and interaction with the rest of the cast.

Betty O'Barley also surprised us with her ability to perform with an accordion and clarinet, and as for her voice, wow! Her voice blew my mind and I had goosebumps as she sang, it resonated across the theatre and it was a great moment when the audience applauded her talents!

George and Molly couldn't believe how much they looked like the characters in the book. They also loved all the musical elements as we danced in our seats and chanted along to the parts we remembered from the book.

It was emotional and beautifully arranged upon the Sherman stage, and the chemistry and rapport between the three performers was amazing. I didn't want the show to ever end and I think it's possibly the best family show I've ever seen. Even Nanny Kim welled up as the show came to an end.

It was such an outstanding performance, one that will live in my heart forever.

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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