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A Poem: Splintered.

I had an urge to write something, and this is what happened. Completely raw first draft, but I needed to get it out...


The gap widens and I try to hide-
inside I'm falling.

The void below a gaping hole-
behold the darkness!

I'm tumbling down,
surrounded by space.

I see molten faces,
faraway places,
the past flickers through my mind,
and I find myself flailing.

I'm swimming in the air,
free falling in fright.

Is it time to say goodbye?
Or should we just fly away?

Remnants of our past
I resolve to
let them go…

Let's leave them to fate,
let them…

For we are done,
almost obsolete...

And all that's left?
The wind in my hair,
a memory of how it used to be.

You and me,
beneath the tree,
sipping tea,
your eyes on me,
yet we couldn't see…

life would change,
and with it,
so would we.

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