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'The 90's Tag' - #Vlogstars #14

So, here it is, my very first vlog, and I'm sweating my face off! Excuse the stumbling and the all-over-the-placeness, I promise I'll improve as time goes by - I can dream, right?!

This vlog is in connection with You Baby Me Mummy and Mr and Mrs T Plus 3 and this month it's all about the 90's oh yeaaaaaaaaaaah!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RR2ZESO8yU]

You Baby Me Mummy






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  1. You Baby Me Mummy8/10/2016

    Well done for doing your first vlog! You did so well :) I love Dawsons Creek and Quantum leap! Blasts from the past. Thanks so much for joining in with #vlogStars xx


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