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We have pods!


It was a lovely sunny afternoon when Warren found the very first pea pod popping out of a flower on our huge pea plants... Since then they've sprouted across the entire selection of pea plants and we are so excited we could pop!


After taking a gazillion photographs of our beloved peas, I looked around the garden and felt a huge sense of achievement. It's messy right now in places, but the veg and fruit are thriving. This gives me such a sense of joy!



I can tell it's rubbing off on George and Molly, they are always so happy in the garden and when it comes to planting, it's become one of their little games... Good job I have a patch that's not really being used - yet!



Isn't gardening one of those exhausting pleasures? Do you have any veggies on the go? How are they doing?


  1. Great Photos! Any tips for how to keep Mint alive? I'm having a hard time figuring out whether I water mine too little or too often :/

  2. Aw thank you! Still learning with the camera :) Ah the mint was already here in our garden, it started to flourish in April. All the things Ive grown well started off indoors, are yours in or out? x

  3. They are outside on a patio that only gets maybe four or five hours of sunlight a day? I could move them to a sunnier or shadier corner if need be 🤔

  4. Is it nice weather by you? I'd try keeping them out of the rain so you can monitor their water intake and yes, ours get lots of sun! :)

  5. We're in Florida so yes, very sunny! But it rains every afternoon so maybe they're getting over watered. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Wow Florida!!! We are in rainy Wales hahaha world's apart huh?

  7. Ha! Sure are - The internet is an amazing thing.


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