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Olive's Larder Artisan Dog Treats.

We love our dog. He is a big, curly haired lump of love and we like him to feel special, because of course, he is! Ziggy is a mad food hound, he loves treats and eating, I kinda get it, hell I really get it. Food rocks. But we have to be really careful with his diet because he's prone to putting on weight and he has a very sensitive tummy. He once stole a box of Dentasticks, yeah he's that kinda dog.

When I heard about Olive's Larder it made total sense to give their range of treats a whirl! They are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added flavours or preservatives. The delivery was prompt and the package arrived perfectly wrapped in a bubblewrap envelope.

We were sent their Duck and Sweet Potato treats (£3.99 per pack) which are wheat and gluten free.


We couldn't wait to see Ziggy's reaction so we opened them immediately!


They come in two neat little airtight packages, allowing you (well, your dog) to work steadily through one packet without them becoming stale. I sliced open the packet and we set to work on a taste test!


Ziggy was so desperate to eat one of the treats, but he soon realised that if he sat patiently, the treat would come along. And he was right! Check out the video here.

He is loving them and we're using them to help with some training, especially his recall (he is terrible at this when out in large open spaces) and it's working!

These are wonderful treats for dogs and they are full of so much goodness, I really couldn't recommend them highly enough. They are truly helping us with Ziggy's behaviour and we know he's
not eating anything full of preservatives and bum fluff...

Ziggy is always happy and loving life, but with these treats to snack on, life is even sweeter.


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