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Home Education Snapshot: March 2016.

1.jpgThis month has been a busy one! What with moving home and attending some new groups, we're pretty much exhausted... but competely at peace :)

One thing that has been great about March is the sunshine and rain ratio. Yes, we've had rain, but oh my, what sunshine we have had!

Cue garden time and long family walks! We actually made it to Llantwit beach and back on foot, I really didn't think we'd do it, but we did! We spent a good three hours getting there and back with a few pitstops, but it was totally worth it. Such a beautiful beach with interesting walks there and back.

We've also spent quite a lot of time at the local park/green area just a hop and a skip away, The kiddies love that there's a park there, as well as a skate park and loads of room for Ziggy to roam free...


Our new and improved garden (we only had a yard before) has also seen a lot of joy from us, we've been playing, running, planting...

We had a bit of a windy storm over the weekend though and our lovely mini-greenhouse toppled over and we lost a lot of our plants. I was very sad indeed, but Warren came home today armed with more seeds so all is well in the veggie world!

Our baking time seems to have increased and we're loving it! We made Welsh cakes for the builders near our old house and Easter cookies for the new neighbours. We've become quite a fab baking team!

Warren has also introduced the kiddiebops to basketball! It started with a simple Facebook game and then Warren turned up with 3 basketballs...

They were gone for over 2 hours playing in the local park and they loved it, every day they ask if they can go and play again!


We finished off March with lots of family and friends time... We went to St Fagan's for an Easter Egg Hunt and it was such a lovely day, with lovely people!


March could have been boring, a house move and nothing much else, but instead it's been packed full of good people and places.

What's your home ed month been like?!


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