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Blokpod Review!


Our house is a Lego house, and although we have our Lego IKEA hack to store our blocks in, sometimes it is so frustrating having to constantly sort through them all. We were very lucky to have been sent a Blokpod to test out and review, and for us, Lego was the obvious use for such a nifty little storage device. It currently retails at £34.99 and can be purchased here.

The pod arrived perfectly packaged so that no damage could easily occur to the storage tub, this is always really important to us, because it's horrid when something for the kiddies arrives and it's damaged.

Molly had a wonderful time taking a box out of a box, she wondered if maybe there was another box inside, but when she opened it she discovered the tub with its brightly coloured bases and easily accessible sections.

The instruction manual included is really clear and the instructions for use make it really easy to get to grips with how the storage system works.

Once we'd had a good nose the pod and the instructions, we headed upstairs to the Lego pile of doom and started our 'sort'.



We started off playing a little game, guessing where each piece would end up. This was fun and we got it wrong - a lot!

We then decided to add scoops of Lego and then give it a good shake! We actually had a lot of fun putting the Lego in and watching it drop down to a designated level! All the teeny tiny pieces filtered into the bottom section and what's great is that it's really clear to see the difference between each section.

The Blokpod is a great tool for any block building enthusiasts, it's helpful, easy to use and very handy in terms of small space storage. Such a great purchase at such a great price, it will suit any home and any room because it takes up so little space yet you can fill it with lots and lots of bricks and blocks and even Lego people.

It's a must have addition to any Lego loving home :)

Disclosure: We were given this blokpod in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest.


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