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Acts of Kindness (and why we should all do more for each other!).

I love people. I think we're amazing creatures, capable of so much. So when I see war, violence, selfishness or anything unkind, I can't understand it and my heart virtually breaks.

A friend recently posted this:


Isn't it true? I'm a massive believer in Karma, it really does feel that if you put out good vibes and energy, you receive them! Life is way too short to be ungrateful, selfish or spiteful.

This weekend I saw kindness in abundance. Warren is a pretty solitary creature on the whole, he's a wonderful father and he makes me feel wonderful. To me, he is probably the most helpful, kind and caring person I've ever met. He has always helped people out, and here are a few of the things he's done in the time I've known him...

He spent hours helping people get through the snow when we lived in Birmingham. I thought he'd crashed his car but really he'd been helping others get through the bad weather. He once helped a lady with her car in a carpark at Tesco and when she said, 'All these years I've been fine without a man and now I need one!' and Warren said, 'No you don't, you just need a pair of pliers!' He always takes things down from the top shelf for anyone he sees struggling. He once helped an elderly couple on a roundabout in the freezing cold. He changed their tyre for them when everyone else drove past. This was quite a dangerous one tbh, I was a bit scared! He helps fix things. If someone's TV isn't working he'll try to fix it, if we need something built he'll try to build it.

So, this weekend Warren went above and beyond... It started on Friday when he went to play basketball with the kiddies. Gymnastics was cancelled so off they went to the park and later i came along and joined them with the dog. I bet he doesn't even remember doing this, but as I arrived some boys were leaving and as I approached Warren he started to shout at the group. They turned back and Warren handed one of them his wallet. everyone carried on as normal and really I wish I'd said, 'You're wonderful,' because he is.

Saturday was eventful and once again Warren was adorable. He is organising his brother's stag do and he wants it to be just right. I watched him fret about the details, he wants it to be perfect. Saturday showed us his 'general' kindness, hugs and kisses, treats for the kiddies and a foot rub for me :)

Sunday was the day of pure kindness. I don't know how he managed to do it all really... We went to a egg hunt with friends and Warren was loving it (!!!), when we left he gave his carparking ticket to somebody, a random couple, no idea who they were. Yes, they looked at us like we were barking mad, but they still took the ticket.

Then we went for lunch with my Mom, this was lovely and when we left we found a car with a flat tyre stuck at the bottom of the carpark. Get ready for it, this story is fab... Warren offered his tools to change the tyre. The guys in the car said yes, they looked so relieved. When they'd finished Warren got back into the car and explained that they were going to a wedding that was going to start within the hour, the breakdown would have taken an hour and a half to get there, so because Warren chose to stop and help, they were able to get to the wedding. This nearly made me cry. What an amazing turn of events?!!

I said that he'd make it 3 acts of kindness that day but he laughed at me (in a nice way!). For once, I was right. When I went to the shop to buy milk I was given the wrong change. I was tired and didn't want to go back in to question it. But Warren said it was wrong, so he went back in and explained what had happened and he got the right change back. What a STAR!!!!

To be honest, I'm not sure where he gets the energy for all these acts of helpfulness and kindness, but he just does it and he doesn't want anything for it. it's just a part of who he is.

So, I guess I'm saying two things here...

1. Don't judge. Warren wears caps, has a big old beard, tattoos and some questionable taste in music, but he is amazing. He is kind and selfless and giving.

2. Be kind. If someone's struggling, help them. If someone's lost, guide them. If someone is in need, help them out. Life is too short. Be kind.

And I just want to say... Warren, we love you, you amaze us, you are the example and what a wonderful one you are... never change xxxx



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