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Review: Weekend Box!

*Thanks to Weekend Box for sending us this box in exchange for review.

We recently received a 'Mini Weekend Box' to review from the lovely people at The Weekend Box Club. They originated when founder Andy Stephenson. Unable to find the right gift for his nieces and nephews, he set about creating a box of treats that are educational, fun and activities that encourage life skills.

The mini box is a new addition to the club's family, and it's aimed at families that can't necessarily fit in all the activities from the larger box. They're an absolute snip at £4.95 per box (including p&p) and, from our experience, worth every penny...

When the box arrived we were all very excited! It is so neat and well packaged that is fits through the letterbox with ease. Ours arrived on a Thursday, but they can arrive any time Thursday-Saturday, ready for the weekend and they are delivered every fortnight.

A box with animals on the front and two hands ready to open it.
We opened the package carefully and it was surprising to see so much inside the petite box. There was a welcome message and an introduction to the colourful characters, each of which represents one of the four categories; something to make, something to bake, something to explore, something green.

Each box contains two activities and ours was rainforest themed. Our activities included growing our own rainforest and making parrot masks. I love environmental crafts and we are very big on the world, the planets, the impact we have on the environment right now, so this box was perfect.

Two small paper packages in green and blue.
I think Sundays are perfect for the mini box, you can relax and enjoy the quality time spent together whilst producing fantastic, fun and interesting things with your child(ren).

The packaging was delightful and thoughtful, every detail had been carefully executed.

I love the instruction cards that come with each activity, the pictures and descriptions were very helpful (I can't even build simple flat pack so images for instructions rock!).

A boy is concentrating on colouring something in. A child is colouring in a mask. The masks were really fun to make and it was interesting to see the different take on a parrot mask designed by George and Molly. There were lots of skills involved in this activity; cutting, designing, sticking and building, creativity... the list goes on!

They loved the creativity of this task, and the results are amazing...
A gilr is wearing a bird mask she made.
A boy is wearing a bird mask he made.I love that in the box you also get stickers to give out, something that my children absolutely adore. Their eyes lit up when I popped them on their tops, I mean, even I like a good sticker or two…

The other activity in the box (making a rainforest) is an activity very current to us and close to our hearts. We've been on a mission this month to start growing seedlings, so it was great to grow in a new and different way...
A girl holds up a bottle with soil in it.
 Here they are, a week later, growing strong amidst all our other crops...

Old bottles with soil and growing seeds.Another adorable element within the box is the certificate, a little boost upon completion of the tasks. I love how much praise and positivity is involved in the whole process of having a mini weekend box.

I think that if you're in need a bit of inspiration for the weekend, this box is great for focusing in on important areas of life, as well as encouraging creativity and having lots of fun. I think it's a great way to do something together as a family and encourages the learning as you 'do' philosophy.

Another great idea would be for grandparents or other close relatives to join in with the activities, especially if they struggle with thinking of things to do with the kiddiebops.

I would definitely recommend this activity box, it made us think, it helped us create and most of all, we had a lot of fun!


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