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Home Education Snapshot : February 2016

Lots of plants in pots.February has been absolutely mental in the Allen household, but it has still included plenty of learning opportunities for the children (and the adults!).

We have been out and about searching for houses, this has been really hard work because we are looking for somewhere long term that will work with home ed life, Warren's new guitar business and my writing. I think we've found the perfect new home though, but you'll have to wait til we move to hear more ;)

Since late January we have been growing our own fruit and veg and February has been the month for our hard work to pay off. So far we have planted potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley and lots of peas! It is so wonderful working with George and Molly to care and nurture the growth of each plant.

We've also started daily Cosmic Yoga after a friend suggested it. We LOVE it and look forward to doing it every day, Molly has really taken to it (much like gymnastics) and she will happily do thirty minutes each day. George gets a little distracted but it seems to be helping them both with balance, control and calmness.

Our secret yoga codeword (namaste) means so much to us all, it gives us peace and harmony in our hearts.

We've had more creativity in February, designing and making different things… We've dabbled with junk modelling and George has really taken to his pencil drawings. We attended the half term stories and crafts session at our local library which was a lot fun! There was also a session with Pyjama Drama they both attended during half term and they really loved it, it was based on The BFG and we were so proud of George and Molly (and all the other kiddies!) performing in front of the grown-ups at the end.

A felt tip drawing of a little girl.

Obviously we weren't going to miss out on making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, any excuse for a bake off! We made two types of mixtures, one thick and puffy and one thin and crispy. They were both yummy!

February marks a sad day for us all with the anniversary of my father's death. Although I have had low moments, George and Molly constantly spur me on with their smiles. George even asked to make a lemon meringue pie, in memory of my Dad. It was a lovely day, the kiddies dipped in and out of the pie making, and it felt special to share such a wonderful thing with my children.

We've been getting quite into our smoothie making too this month. Now Molly chooses the ingredients before I whizz it up… it's always so delicious!

A boy and a girl drinking a smoothie out of the same glass with straws.

George and Molly have spent quite a bit of time playing 'shop' in Molly's room and last week we opened up a hair salon. We used our saved coins and we took it in turns to be the shopkeeper, the hairdresser and the customer. We've also spent a lot of time outdoors, visiting different parks and going on little adventures with the dog.

In hindsight I would say that February has been about health, fitness and positivity. We've been doing good things, taking care of our mind, bodies and souls. I have loved exploring the world with George and Molly during February, but I cannot wait for March to begin to start the new chapter of our lives when we move house!!!!!

Have you been busy in the build up to Spring? Let me know in the comments box below :)


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