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Steak of the Art!

 Wooden carvings from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

On Sunday we were at a bit of a loss as to where to go for dinner. We are quite indecisive and struggle to find foodie places to eat because we all like totally different things... It normally ends up with me wanting a baked potato, George wanting chicken, Warren wanting a burger and Molly looking confused...

We had heard from one of Warren's friends that Steak of the Art was pretty cool, the mention of a Dalek booth totally sold it to the kiddies, so we trotted over from St David's Shopping Centre and entered into the world of Steak of the Art...

 A man with a beard smiling with food on the table.

We hadn't booked a table, but the lovely lady at the front desk was wonderfully polite and said this was no problem at all. She was also fantastic with the children, and pointed us in the direction of the art gallery (I know!!!!) whilst we waited for our table...

I was so blown away with this part of the restaurant that I didn't get any photos of the gallery... It was amazing! After we walked through all the beautiful art we ended up on the top level with the hot air balloon booths... George and Molly found it so fascinating, as did we!

With all our recent Roald Dahl inspired events, reading and general love for his books, we were blown away to be seated at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory booth! We didn't sit down immediately though, instead we stared in wonder at the amount of creative energy that had gone into the making of our booth. We spotted all the different, beautiful things that incorporated the theme into a seating area- it was amazing.

The Pop Art styled seating was vibrant and completely brings the book (and films) to life... I was very happy to be sat with Gene Wilder! When we looked up we were greeted with hand carved scupltures... we explained to the children how they had been carved from trees by hand... we were all blown away!

We talked to George and Molly about the characters and the story, and it was truly inspiring. Our next lengthy read is going to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so it was perfect!

When it came to food, we were (once again) not disappointed! Even though Warren and I were keen to have steak, because it was Sunday we ended up choosing the beef roast dinner... Both George and Molly had handmade fish fingers and chips...

Well, I have never seen fish fingers eaten so quickly! It's not hard to see why...

After George had finished his food, he went with Warren to tell the chef that they were the best fish fingers he had ever eaten :)

Warren was also extremely pelase with his meal...

Sunday roast dinner with gravy.

The meat was beautiful and tender, falling off the bone... As for the vegetables, wow... we cleared our plates. The food was cooked to perfection, presented perfectly and we were delighted. It was the perfect end to our family day out.

Warren and I cannot wait to return and try the steak next :)

This place has it all, and for the creative types out there, this is not a place to be missed!

Have you been yet? What did you think?

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